Kerschens: The People

The Kerschen family includes Priests and Nuns, Businesspeople, Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Doctors, Scientists, Engineers and many other occupations. A non-scientific survey of Kerschens suggests that most are Catholic, a few are non-Catholic Christians and a few are Jewish.

There are a few somewhat Famous Kerschens

A check of the Luxembourg phonebook reveals dozens, if not hundreds of Kerschens living in Luxembourg today. The sovereign region of Kerschen, where the first Kerschens are believed to have originated, is in southwestern Luxembourg. In the United States, 129 Kerschen families appear in the phone book, including 69 in Kansas, 10 in Texas and 9 in Colorado. There are Kerschens living in Argentina, Canada and many European countries.

The Kansas Kerschens are descendants and relatives of Michael Kerschen, who was born October 21, 1810 in Schifflange, Luxembourg.

The Michigan Kerschens are descendants of Joseph Kerschen, who was born in 1819 in Tetange, Luxembourg. Tetange is about 2 miles from Schifflange, which is about 4 miles outside the sovereign region of Kerschen.

Michael Kerschen and Joseph Kerschen are great-grandsons of Joannes Balthesarius Kerschen, born around 1700 near Moselle, France. The Moselle Valley is a whole region of Northeastern France and Southern Luxembourg, which includes Tetange, Schifflange and Kerschen itself. Exactly where Joannes Balthesarius Kerschen was born remains a mystery, but most of his children where born in Lallingen which is 3 miles from Kerschen and one mile from Schifflange.

There was a mass migration from Luxembourg to Argentina in the late 1800s. Many Kerschens, including Joseph Kerschen and his family, participated in this migration.

It is a primary mission of to link all the Kerschen ancestors together in a complete family tree. As of August 25, 2007, 643 Kerschens had been compiled in at least 8 separate and unlinked family trees as well several Kerschens who have not been connected to any family tree. The longest continuous line of descent runs 9 generations from Joannes Balthasarius Kerschen around 1700 to the present day. It is always the policy of to keep personal information about still living Kerschens private, but we may inadvertently link to private information about fellow Kerschens posted on other public webpages.

What can our DNA tell us about Kerschen history? Family Tree DNA has begun to give us some answers! Read more in The Kerschen Family Tree DNA page!

The Titelberg Mountain in the sovereign region of Kerschen is one of the oldest human settlements. There is evidence of human habitation back to 10,000 B.C. When Julius Caesar and the ancient Romans moved into the region, they found a formidable opponent in the Treveri tribesmen who lived there. The Kerschens are probably the direct descendants of the Treveri. lists approximately 40 Kerschens who have died in the United States in recent years, and the date and newspaper where their obituaries were printed. If you know of a Kerschen obituary, let us know and we will archive it here.

Cathy Kerschen adopting children from Haiti! Local news from Lansing, Michigan.

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