01 Jan 2007   Registered kerschen.org with Network Solutions
01 Jan 2007   Arthur Henry Kerschen III [born 19 Feb 1967 in Detroit, Michigan] became the first webmaster for kerschen.org
07 Jan 2007   First public webpage, including 7 marginally famous Kerschens and history of Kerschens who came to America posted
12 Jan 2007   Information about Kerschens from zoominfo.com added
15 Jan 2007   "Hoheit Kerschen" information and the earliest recorded Kerschens added
30 Jan 2007   Information about the Treveri tribesmen who lived in "Hoheit Kerschen" in 50 B.C. added
31 Jan 2007   Started the counter for web visitors 
19 Feb 2007   Webmaster goes over the hill, turns 40!
06 Jun 2007   Descendants of Joannes Balthasarius Kerschen, from whom most known Kerschens descended, first published
22 Jun 2007   Quotes from the commentaries of Julius Ceasar about the Treveri tribesmen added
02 Jul 2007   Kerschen Obituary page created
03 Jul 2007   Major Revision History page added
05 Jul 2007   Re-organised the front page into a series of specialized links
05 Jul 2007   Compiled a trimmed down single page genealogy for descendants of Joannes Balthasarius Kerschen
24 Jul 2007   Added the Kerschen Coat of Arms to each page where it seemed appropriate, added maps
01 Aug 2007   Added information on emigrations from Luxembourg to Argentina
07 Aug 2007   Moved site from Freeservers to Freehostia, this restarted the hit counter
25 Aug 2007   Added How, Why and Comments pages, History of Luxembourg. Lots of minor revisions.
25 Sep 2007   Added What's Next page. Added more Kerschen comments. Lots of minor revisons.
15 Jan 2010   Added additional obituary listings found in a web search.	
27 Jan 2018   Fixed a few typos. 

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