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2) Hoheit Kerschen: The Place Information about the region of Luxembourg where the first Kerschens probably originated. Includes some maps.

   2a) History of the Kerschen World! Kerschen specific events are highlighted.

   2b) History of Luxembourg

   2c) The Treveri Information about the Treveri tribesmen who lived in the Moselle Valley, and on the Titelburg mountain in the region of Kerschen, thousands of years ago. As written by Julius Ceaser.

3) Kerschen: The Name History and some theories about the name Kerschen

4) Kerschens: The People

   4a) Family Trees

   4b) Marginally Famous Kerschens

   4c) Obituaries of Kerschens as they appeared in local newspapers. Text, not actual newsclippings.

5) Kerschen DNA Information about the Kerschen Y-chromosome and Family Tree DNA.

6) Kerschens: Around the World Information about where Kerschens can be found today, and something about how they got there.

  6a) Argentina Specific information and theories about the colonization of Argentina in the late 1800s by people of Luxembourg, including some Kerschens.

7) Revision History

8) How did we find our information?

9) Why study geneology? Some possible reasons are suggested.

10) Comments about from Kerschens!

11) This Index

12) What's Next? What are we currently working on for

   12a) Kerschen Discussion Forums

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