How did we find out about Kerschens?

Privately Written Records of Ancestry

Most of the core records of the Kerschen family were obtained from written records kept by Kerschens. The family bible handed down by Arthur Henry Kerschen Sr. (1902-1992) contained data about the Michigan Kerschens. The records of Robert L. Kerschen (1927-Present) and David William Kerschen (1952-Present), provided alot of information about the Kansas Kerschens.

Memories of Still Living Kerschens

Kerschens have recounted from memory thier own family, their cousins, aunts and uncles names and birthdays, and told the stories of the Kerschen migrations to Argentina and to the United States. The stories, names and dates give us clues leading us to more sources of information.

Published Geneologies

A large number of Kerschens were discovered because they are the direct ancestors of people who are not themselves Kerschens. Most of the descendants of the original Kerschens no longer carry the family name, but they are still a valuable source of Kerschen geneology.

Published Obituaries

When members of the Kerschen family die, family information is frequently included in obituaries. Exact dates of birth and birthplaces, parents names and of course, living descendants are enumerated in most obituaries. They can be a very valuable source of information.

Family History Centers

Armed with all these names and dates and places, there are ways of discovering much more. The Mormon church has set up family history centers all over the world. If you know where and when someone was born, you can frequently find their birth records among the church and civil records of the time. The Mormon church has spent years transfering those old records onto microfilm. The information provided by Arthur Henry Kerschen Sr. and by Robert L. Kerschen was enough to track both families back to Joannes Balthesarius Kerschen in 1700, uniting most of the Kerschens of the United States into a single family tree.

It is always the policy of to keep specific information about still living Kerschens private.

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