Marginally famous Kerschens:

Some Kerschens have become famous enough to be mentioned in the news and on webpages. The greater Kerschen family includes Priests and Nuns, Businesspeople, Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Doctors, Scientists and many other occupations. A non-scientific survey of Kerschens suggests that most are Catholic, a few are non-Catholic Christians and a few are Jewish. If I've found or been told of a website about or produced by a particular Kerschen, I've included it here. It is always the policy of to keep personal information about still living Kerschens private, but we may inadvertently link to private information about fellow Kerschens posted on other public webpages.

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Church records of Notre Dame report that a Lady Kerschen was mistress to the King of France.

Eliot Spitzer, the embattled governor of New York, has an aunt who is a Kerschen, Faye Kerschen Spitzer.

Joshua Kerschen Baseball Player for the New York Yankees

Edward J. Kerschen Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, descendant of Michael Kerschen

Gaëtan Kerschen Physicist, living in Belgium

Travis Kerschen Movie Producer. Born in England. Descendant of Joseph Kerschen.

Michael W. Kerschen Former President and CEO of Advanced Silicon Materials LLC

Tim Kerschen President of Kerschen Electric Inc., ARLINGTON, TX

Paul Kerschen Musician, Descendant of Michael Kerschen

Karen Kerschen Ceramic Sculptor

Tex Kerschen Musician, Descendant of Joseph Kerschen.

Marie-Josée Kerschen Sculptor, still residing in Luxembourg

Arthur Kerschen Molecular and Cellular Biologist, Descendant of Joseph Kerschen. (

Michael D. Kerschen Hydrologist

Alejandro Kerschen Scorpio Partnership Limited, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Possible descendant of Joseph Kerschen from Argentina. Osvaldo Kerschen, Alejandro's father, and Osvaldo's brother Alberto are doctors. Eduardo Kerschen is a captain in the Argentine Navy and another brother of Osvaldo. Other relatives of Alejandro Kerschen include Maximilaino Kerschen, manager of Nestle, Argentina. Alejandra Kerschen is director of sales in a travel agency. Jazmin Kerschen is a lawyer. Patricia Kerschen works for Northwest Airlines as interpreter in Montreal, Canada. Gaston Kerschen is owner of an important spa in Buenos Aires. Carlos Kerschen is an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor, in Argentina.

Danny Kerschen Artist, Descendant of Joseph Kerschen

Catherine Kerschen Gastroenterologist, Descendant of Joseph Kerschen

Kerschens from

Kerschen, Bob


"The industry should be pleased with our progress," comments Bob Kerschen, chairman of NCBA's quality assurance subcommittee. "But it's ...

Kerschen, Charles

Hutchinson Community College

Charles Kerschen, ... at Hutchinson Community College, said he finds that looking for ...

Kerschen, Debbie

Ebby Halliday REALTORS Inc

Debbie Kerschen Ebby Halliday REALTORS ... Debbie Kerschen ...

Kerschen, Denny

Imaging Solutions Inc

Denny Kerschen ...

Kerschen, Edward

The Blood Center

Edward Kerschen, Ph.D. ...

Kerschen, James

J-STAR Research Inc

James Kerschen, a former CB Research and Development chemist, said Chinese contractors are offering their services too cheaply. "If you do the ...

Kerschen, Jerry

Hospice Inc

Jerry Kerschen - ...

Kerschen, Jim

Dodge City International , Inc.

Contacts: Jim Kerschen, General Mgr.

Kerschen, John

The Charter Group , Ltd.

John Kerschen, ... The Charter Group: John Kerschen, ... ... John Kerschen, Managing ...

Kerschen, Kevin

Black & Veatch Corporation

Kevin Kerschen ... Black & Veatch

Kerschen, Lois

Democrats for Life

This is the speech presented by Dr. Lois Kerschen, ... of Democrats for Life of Texas, on January 25, 1997 to the Greater Austin ...

Kerschen, Michael


No website references available.

Kerschen, Norene


Kerschen, son of Dan and Norene Kerschen, is a 2006 graduate of Garden Plain High School. ... Throughout high school, Kerschen ...

Kerschen, Rich

The Law Company Pty Limited

Rich Kerschen, Law's ... said, "We are honored to have been chosen to construct this important project for Cessna ...

Kerschen, Richard


Richard M. Kerschen, President & Chairman of Board ... Another thing I noticed was that RIAC, another poster on the same thred ...

Kerschen, Rita

Goddard USD

Rita Kerschen Amy Wells

Kerschen, Robert

Wichita Sedg Co Fire Reserve

Robert Kerschen ...

Kerschen, Tina

Front Range BOCES

Tina Kerschen is an ... with extensive PreK-16 experience, She specializes in curriculum and assessment development, data-driven ...