Since announcing, we have been receiving some great new information and positive feedback from fellow Kerschens.

"Please let me know if there is anything else you need to know. Studying your trees it now makes sense how our group of Kerschens are related to the other ones found in Michigan and Kansas. Keep up the good work."

- Jim Kerschen

"My sister forwarded your letter to the Hereford Group, the Kerschens that spell their name Kershen. When Dad moved to Texas in 1945, he changed the spelling to try to get it pronounced correctly, but it did not help much. I will get this web site information to my Aunt... and cousin... who are both interested in genealogy."

- Ron Kershen

"Dear Arthur, My husband Bob, (Robert L. Kerschen) and I have been elated to see your work at and it is thrilling to us to know that the Kansas and the Michigan Kerschens are related. It's amazing what you have accomplished. We are so appreciative. The next time we are in Tucson we would like to visit with you."

- Bob and Martha Kerschen

"I am very happy to see the Kerschens family tree on the web. My father made also a study that he did not complete and confirms this one. I am just happy to read the Kerschens from USA, and let them know they have family in my country, Argentina."

- Patricia Kerschen, Argentinian living in Canada

"Thank you for all your work about our family."

- Lois Kerschen

I really appreciate all of the positive feedback, and new Kerschen information I have been receiving! It makes the research even more satisfying.

Arthur Henry Kerschen III, Tucson, Arizona

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