Kerschen Family Trees

Not all Kerschen family trees have been linked together. These trees are ordered by the number of people included. Some of the data is from questionable sources, but frequently, even very old data can be verified by multiple sources, such as state records and church records. Marriage certificates frequently include the names and places of birth of the parents as well as the bride and groom.

The most complete family tree is that of Joannus Balthesarius Kerschen, which runs nine generations and includes 206 descendants carrying the name Kerschen, as well as many others.

Joannus Balthesarius Kerschen

Michaelis Kerschen. Some of Michaelis's descendants changed the name to Kergen.

Petris Meyer Kerschen has some descendants that moved to Prussia, where John Kerschen and his wife Clara originated around 1845. John Kerschen's family appears in the 1880 census in Illinois. Perhaps he is a descendant of Petris Meyer Kerschen, but a connection has not been established. There is also a family called KerschenMeyer, possibly related to the Meyer Kerschens, who treat the Meyer like it's part of the surname.

Everhard Kerschen is from Bascharage, also known as NeiderKerschen.

Jacques Kerschen the earliest known Kerschen

Charles Kerschen came to Kansas at the same time (the 1870s) as the sons of Michael Kerschen, who was a descendant of Joannus Balthesarius. Charles and Michael are probably related, but no connection has been discovered.

Marcus Kerschen moved to Kansas in the 1870s, possibly with Michael and Charles Kerschen.

Frederick Kerschen was first to arrive in America, as far as we know, before 1843.

How many Kerschens are there?

The Geneology Database

As of August 25, 2007, the geneological database includes 643 Kerschens, not including Kerschens by marriage. This includes Kerschens alive as early as the 1500s and probably excludes most Kerschens alive today.

Phonebook Listings, The white Pages

Phonebook listings for Kerschens include 129 in the United states, 101 Kerschens in Luxembourg, 26 Kerschens in Argentina, 8 Kerschens in Germany, 4 Kerschens in Belgium, 3 Kerschens in France and 1 in the United Kingdom. While some of these may be duplicate listings, many listings are probably entire Kerschen families. There are probably a few Kerschens with unlisted numbers also. This total is 272, but after subtracting duplicates and adding extra family members and unlisted Kerschens, the real total may be between 400 and 600 Kerschens alive today! Perhaps more than that.

E-mail addresses

The database includes 114 Kerschen e-mail addresses, but many of these are probably duplicates. This includes 65 from the United States, 11 from Luxembourg, 7 from France, 4 from Germany, 4 from Argentina, 2 from Belgium, 1 Canada, 1 Isreal, 1 Russia and the rest undetermined locations. Kerschens are either pretty good at keeping their addresses out of public search engines, or most Kerschens don't even have e-mail. Most likely the former. More than half of addresses are from Kerschens who have written to, or to your webmaster at other addresses.

Saturday August 25, 2007 Arthur Henry Kerschen III of Tucson, Arizona. Born February 19, 1967 in Detroit, Michigan.

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